Thursday, 10 November 2016

Reading session

Last night we met up for a reading group. The text was "The Work of Art in an Age of Mechanical Reproduction" by Walter Benjamin. Although this was written in 1935, we approached it from the perspective of art in 2016 and were amazed at how relevant his thoughts are today in the world of digital reproduction.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Liminality critque

We are in the process of working on the subject of liminality for a show in November.  This critique was to review our work and ideas so far. It proved very useful.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Trip to the Whitworth

After conducting the worlds longest Doodle Poll three of us finally managed to go to see Elizabeth Price Curates at the Whitworth.  This was a thoroughly interesting exhibition. Of particular interest to Claire was the opportunity to see and crawl under Gustav Metzger's "To Crawl Into" - Anschlus, Vienna, March 1938. In June 2014 Claire went to a talk "Gustav Metzger in conversation with Giles Bailey" presented by Pavillion at Harewood House. This was one of her first trips with the Art Academy and not having studied art, Claire realised how important the Academy was to introducing her to artists she might not stumble across, but who were so signigicant.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Remnants of July 2016

27th July: Making a publication with Sara
July: Creativity sessions with Stina using Ink
and collage.

2nd July: Train trip to Blackpool to The Grundy Art gallery to see 

the Mark Leckey exhibition and to visit Abingdon Studios . Throw in some Fish and chips, Some cocktails and some good company to make a great day out!

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Art Academy involvement in Doremifasolasido residency at Florence Mine

‘Doremifasolasido’ is an annual group residency that invites emerging artists from around the country to Cumbria to forge links between artists and arts organisations working in urban and rural settings. Jackie Haynes and Lisa Risbec will be attending from the Art Academy and are really looking forward to being involved. Here's some more info on the residency.

"The first residency took place in October 2015 at the Merz Barn, bringing together visual artists to explore the artistic legacy of the Merz Barn and Kurt Schwitters in Britain, as discussed in ‘Housing Merz in the 21st Century’ at Tate Britain, November 2014. This year (2016) we are delighted to be hosted by Florence Arts Centre. During the week-long  residency. participating artists will create work, from sculpture to performance and film, in response to the Florence Mine site culminating in a weekend of public events, including an exhibition spoken word, screenings and artist critiques. Organisers: Jocelyn McGregorLouis-Jack Horton-Stephens and Stephanie Farmer"
We'd love for you to join us on the opening weekend, info on the Facebook event or the Website.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Some thoughts about an Open Crit

Our Open Crits are a great way to get feedback on a piece of work - attended by members of the Art Academy, artists from the Mill and visiting artists. Lorna and Steve reflect on how the crit helped them. 

"I presented some drawings at the group crit, mostly sketch book ideas and plans for the beginning of a new project. I haven't had a crit for a while and felt a little worried about not having my work more organised.  But I felt that it was probably the best time for me to discuss my ideas while they are still in the early stages of development.  I left the crit with plenty to think about, good points were made and I found the group discussion very helpful." Lorna Mollart

"This was the first time I've shown my recent video work 'SLOW DOWN. CHEW YOUR FOOD' publicly (other than online), so it was great to see an actual audience reaction and get to talk about it in that scenario. 
Film is a new medium for me so the discussion really helped to contextualise the work in terms of my wider practice. The crit also brought out some old ideas, particularly around the element of performance in my work which is something I am interested in exploring more in future." Steve Hockett

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

OPEN CRIT // Lorna Mollart & Steve Hockett

Wednesday 27th April

Islington Mill 1st floor common room/ gallery 

6pm - 9pm

Islington Mill Art Academy member artist Lorna Mollart will be presenting a range of new audio and sculpture works and Islington Mill studio tenant, Steve Hockett, an artist, designer and doer of things, will be screening a recent video work.

Potluck Dinner in 1st floor Common Room from 6pm followed by crit in the gallery  – please bring a dish to share (enough for 1 person, can be home-cooked or shop- bought, home cooked is nicer!) and BYOB.

Let us know if you are planning on attending by clicking on the Facebook event.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Mapping your practice

Roadblocks - surprisingly universal!

Some of us at the Art Academy are going through a period of reflection and after finding ourselves having some free time to dedicate to our practice, we held a planning session to try to come up with some goals for the next year...


We looked at where we'd like to be in a years time, and chatted about different areas of our practice.

Short cake break then we all wrote down the things that we felt were stopping us. 

Then we played post-it-note-bingo and each added relevant notes to the last one which was stuck up. Turned out that despite being at different points in our practice and lives, they were surprisingly similar!











Here's some feedback from other members about how the session helped them...


Get Everything - Sara Nesteruk

Had a brilliant meeting at the Art Academy today, working on planning, goal setting - focus, some very interesting ideas,* incredible inspiration, and a clear vision, focus and -
well, loads of stuff for the film, the proposal, the approach - particularly looking at the first year, the year ahead (now) where I am now, what I want to do over the next 3, 6, 12 months, and beyond.

Loads of brilliant ideas - all to be digested, with cake, over the next few days and weeks. A great (visionary) starting point, or slogan, project, motto, or approach - for year one. - Below.

I'll post more ideas as they form, settle, digest and process.

A massive thanks to Morry - for all the wonderful vision, focus, inspiration and ideas, to Lisa, for organising, and to everyone there for a great event, loads of ideas and inspiration. (2)

* Questions - Some insightful, clear, and quite profound (and very simple, but important, questions)
(2). - Cake.


Next time we'll break down some of our goals into action plans, and start looking at ways we can experiment and expand our practice.

Here's the document we worked from if any of you fancy having a go yourselves!

Friday, 1 April 2016

Notes from Crit - Sara Nesteruk

Sara Nesteruk presented a proposal for her PHD project...

Recipes for Baking Bread.

Project Proposal - presentation of proposal in progress, themes, ideas - approaches, production. Documentation, physicality and form of the final object.

Documentation, presentation -
performance, and the performative aspects to the work - how and - where (?) -
how, it will, and can be received.

Will the reciever, or audience, know about the production - methods, process, and ideas, and how?
 A document that requires gentle care and handling - gentable.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Our next open crit and potluck dinner - Wednesday 30th March

Join us for another open crit and potluck dinner on Wednesday 30th March where IMAA members Jenny Walden and Maurice Carlin will be presenting.

Diagram by himHallows, visualising a distribution structure for Maurice Carlins 'Performance Publishing' artwork.
Potluck from 6pm in the first floor common room space at Islington Mill. Please bring a dish to share, can be home-cooked or shop bought (home cooked is nicer!) Plus BYOB. This will be followed by presentations in the gallery space from Maurice Carlin who will present recent work and Jenny Walden who will give a short talk on 'the hidden curriculum' within fine art education;

"Concern for a 'hidden curriculum' has arisen because in some ways fine art specifically may be less understood or less easily accommodated by the prevailing 'norms' of a university as a whole. 'Fine Art' is less easily slotted into discourses about 'employability' or 'instrumental' university education and the student as 'consumer'.

My paper looks at these issues very much from the point of view of art education happening 'somewhere else', other than the university.  Many college and university students participate in alternative spaces for art education, along side artists who may not have trodden the path of the fine art 'degree' in addition to their degree studies. IMAA being one example." Jenny Walden

Take a look at some of our past posts to see what the crits are all about - it;s a great way to meet others and get involved with the Art Academy.

Some thoughts from presenting artists on the IMAA Open Crit

For our Open Crits, we have been experimenting with how we document the discussion, through inviting those who have presented work to write something about their experience of the crit, if and how they found it useful, and what they intend to do as a result..

Claire Hignett

I have taken some time out from my usual routine with the intention to progress my art work. Following a residency in the warehouse at the Mill late last year my work is in a state of change and I am not sure whether this is a development in my usual practice, just in a different landscape or whether it is a fundamental change! I have been using the crits at the mill to try to voice what my work is about and to test how others respond. I find the crit process really difficult, but it is worthwhile.

I showed a printed blanket with multiple images of a doll from my childhood, curious to see what the response would be.  The overall response was that it was unnerving, creepy, angry and political. Apart from the political aspect - which I was a little surprised by - this was the response I expected, although I would like to find a way to take the creepy/scary aspect away as I don’t think that is what I am trying to say.  Somehow, the work I started in the warehouse, which was to sort through my childhood toys, which make me feel safe and loved turned into a response to the refugee crisis and this muddle was clearly evident in the questions people asked and comments made. This wasn’t made as an exhibition piece, and is just the first stage of making since the residency and the crit has identified many elements I want to explore.

Aliyah Hussain
This was the first time I've taken part in an art academy crit and although I was nervous about it. I found it really useful. I'm preparing for an interview so it was a nice way to get some feedback on my ideas and use it as practice. I do normally work with other people and have studio crits as I'm working but I haven't participated in something this formal since university. I found it to be a very useful way to present work, as it was interesting to hear the responses to the physical work and also my reasonings and research as well as hearing different people's interpretations of the work. 
As I tend to work with quite abstract forms, I normally allow the work to remain open and ambiguous when I present it for exhibitions, usually relying on the titles of the work to suggest the meaning. I enjoyed explaining in more detail and being challenged on decisions I'd made whilst making the work. I have already started the next phase of this work, using some of the questions asked of me as a springboard for experimentation. It's still the early phase of this project and I feel like it's got a way to go until I reach a clearer conclusion, so participating in this crit has given me a more ideas that I can work with.
Our next open crit is Wednesday 30th March - more info here.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Coming up: Islington Mill Art Academy Open Crit 24th Feb

On Wednesday 24th Feb we have the first Islington Mill Art Academy Open Crit of the year. Potluck Dinner in 1st floor Common Room from 6pm followed by crits in the gallery with Claire Hignett and Aliyah Hussain.
Please bring a dish to share (enough for one person, can be home-cooked or shop- bought, home cooked is nicer!) and BYOB. 

Claire Hignett is a current member of IMAA. She will be presenting new work, which is a development of work made during the recent IMAA 6 month residency at Regent Trading Estate.

Aliyah Hussain is a current studio tenant at Islington Mill, and member of performance collective The Volkov Commanders. Her work frequently observes topics such as spirituality and space, creating bold, exciting and humorous works through fabric and photography.

                   Image: Claire Hignett 'Secret and Sacred' 2015                  

Image: Aliyah Hussain