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Art Academy reading group: Encyclopaedia of Informal Education

Art Academy trip to the Art Party Conference

Preparations for Art Party Conference, Sat 23 November, Scarborough

The Art Party Conference

October Open Crit

27.08.13 Reading Group - "The Commerce of the Creative Spirit" from The Gift by Lewis Hyde

Crit and Collaborative text for Portfolio NW

Art Academy open crit: July

Reading Group 2.7.13 "A Marginal system: Collecting" by Jean Baudrillard

Art Academy open crit 07:06:13

Art Academy reading group: The Most Difficult Thing Ever, Kevin Boniface

Art Academy Crit: April

Art Academy Reading Group: The Mother Archetype, Carl Jung

IMAA Reading Group 26.02.13: New Schools

Art Academy Open Crit 15.03.13

I.M.A.A Reading Group 12.02.13: Theodor Adorno - Punctuation Marks