Notes from Crit - Sara Nesteruk

Sara Nesteruk presented a proposal for her PHD project...

Recipes for Baking Bread.

Project Proposal - presentation of proposal in progress, themes, ideas - approaches, production. Documentation, physicality and form of the final object.

Documentation, presentation -
performance, and the performative aspects to the work - how and - where (?) -
how, it will, and can be received.

Will the reciever, or audience, know about the production - methods, process, and ideas, and how?
 A document that requires gentle care and handling - gentable.


Notes on a typeface.

- Din - German font used for road signage. A display font that is excellent, works brilliant[ly] at distance.
Combined with - something that can be experienced intimately, handled.

Urgency - an approach. Methods of interviewing. Communities, information, accessing people, archives, using drawing, and motion graphics to help.

This was my reference image for the crit

My notes - as they were written - during and after.

Posted by - Sara Nesteruk.
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