Monday, 11 May 2009

Art Academy at the ICA, London.

Islington Mill Art Academy visited London at the weekend to take part in Word/Play, an event curated by Terry Smith at the ICA. Word/Play is a part of Talk Show, a month long season of events, discussions and artworks, including an exhibition of speech taking place throughout the ICA. The Art Academy previously worked with Terry Smith taking part in a 'Speakeasy' event at Wimbledon School of Art in January this year. Word/Play brings together many of the elements which have been successful during the first season of 'Speakeasy' at Wimbledon. More information is here:

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Visiting Artists: Pippa Koszerek & Caner Aslan

This week, IMAA has the pleasure of hosting artists, Caner Aslan and Pippa Koszerek who are here at Islington Mill for short residencies.

Caner has travelled all the way from Istanbul and is here at the mill for 10 days. We first saw Caners work in last years Berlin Biennale when we were in the city organising the Free Art School at Westgermany. Caner has recently taken part in 'Straw Poll', a poster exhibition in the windows of shops and other premises along Chapel St. in Salford, coinciding with the 'Sounds from the Other City' festival.

Pippa is here for the first of three visits to Islington Mill, which are to take place over the next two months. Her work involves the creation of organisations as artworks/curatorial projects such as the Independent Art School (1999-) and The Unasked-for-Public Art Agency (2006-).

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Art Academy at the Arnolfini, Bristol.

This week, Islington Mill Art Academy took part in a panel debate held at the Arnolfini in Bristol entitled 'Who can afford to be an artworker?' The debate is Swedish artist, Annika Eriksson's contribution to the 'Lapdogs of the Bourgeoisie' exhibition just opened at the Arnolfini. The panel debate which took place before the opening of the show was preceded by an intense and exciting month-long email debate with the 3 other participants, Fatima Hellberg, Metod Blejec and Helen Marten. 'Who can afford to be an artworker?' aims to explore the mode in which a young generation is shaped by the pragmatics of working and living in the art world today.