Monday, 18 February 2008

14/02/08 Visiting Artist: Philip Davenport

Last Thursday we were joined by poet and artist, Philip Davenport at the Art Academy. Philip gave us an introduction to his work and brought along some examples from a piece of work called 'Imaginary Missing People' to discuss. We first encountered Philips work at Mid-Pennine Gallery when we went on a group visit there for the 'Language and Science' show last year. We had the very strange and enlightening experience of talking with Philip over speaker-phone about his piece of work while we were in the gallery that day. After Philips talk, we each discussed our own individual practice and the collective work we have been doing as a group.

Monday, 11 February 2008

Bristol visit

Last week we went to explore Bristol's Art scene.

We visited Cube, Microplex Cinema and Venue which is run by a group of voluntary artists and promoters.
We also visited Spike Island, a studio and gallery complex which is home to UWE fine art students. It began its life as an artist led initiative and has now grown into a center for new and innovative art. We had the opportunity to visit the studio space occupied by the UWE students as well as a complete tour of the building. 

We then headed for the headquarters of the Art organization Plan 9 who were more than happy to show us around their studios in the old police station. They gave us lots of information on their future plans as well as talking to us about their individual projects.