Art Academy involvement in Doremifasolasido residency at Florence Mine

‘Doremifasolasido’ is an annual group residency that invites emerging artists from around the country to Cumbria to forge links between artists and arts organisations working in urban and rural settings. Jackie Haynes and Lisa Risbec will be attending from the Art Academy and are really looking forward to being involved. Here's some more info on the residency.

"The first residency took place in October 2015 at the Merz Barn, bringing together visual artists to explore the artistic legacy of the Merz Barn and Kurt Schwitters in Britain, as discussed in ‘Housing Merz in the 21st Century’ at Tate Britain, November 2014. This year (2016) we are delighted to be hosted by Florence Arts Centre. During the week-long  residency. participating artists will create work, from sculpture to performance and film, in response to the Florence Mine site culminating in a weekend of public events, including an exhibition spoken word, screenings and artist critiques. Organisers: Jocelyn McGregorLouis-Jack Horton-Stephens and Stephanie Farmer"
We'd love for you to join us on the opening weekend, info on the Facebook event or the Website.

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