Sunday, 25 May 2008

Free Art School Berlin - Program of Events.

Islington Mill Art Academy                                              
Free Art School -27th May - 8th June.
Westgermany, Skalitzer Str 133, Kreuzberg, Berlin.

Contact: artacademy(at)            UK: 00447917714369  Germany: 015204290418

Wed 28th May. 4pm-8.30pm. Initial meeting at Westgermany. This is a chance for persons who have contacted us about the Free Art School to come along to Westgermany to meet with us. We will be serving up Yorkshire tea and biscuits and it will be a good opportunity to talk with us about the upcoming activities at Westgermany. Please come along!

Fri 30th May. 1pm - 2pm. Lunchtime Film Screening at Westgermany. 'A Distinctly Trippy Edge' is a selection of film curated by artist, Gaz Leddington. A mixture of artist film and video, archival footage and excerpts from feature length pictures, 'A distinctly trippy edge' is an hour long meditation on the cultural climate of the 1960's. Part curatorial endeavour and part artwork the show reel takes the various fictional and non-fictional instances of Don DeLillo's 'Underworld' as its organising principle and in a compressed format, attempts to chronicle the ethos of the time.
Please bring along something for your lunch and join us to watch this selection of film.

Sat 31st May. 1pm - 5pm. Drawing Club. Artist, Sapna Agarwal has devised a range of drawing games and activities to be interpreted by the Free Art School. We invite you to join us at Westgermany for an afternoon of drawing! Please bring along materials that you would like to use. We will have materials available for you to use also.

Sun 1st June. Midday - 4pm. Breakfast at Skalitzer Str. 33. amy Pennington from Islington Mill Art Academy would like to invite you to a traditional English breakfast at the apartment (vegetarian option available). There are a limited number of places for this so please email us if you would like to come along.
More information on Skalitzer Str 33: A number of artist groups and individuals from Manchester, Uk have taken on a year-long lease on this space which began on May 1st this year. We see this initiative as a good opportunity to strengthen links between Manchester and Berlin, to create dialogue and build relationships between artists from both cities. Islington Mill Art Academy will be the first of many groups from Manchester to stay in the apartment over the coming year. We hope that you will have the chance to meet with them in the coming months.

Sun 1st June. 7pm - 10pm. Fluxus Experimental Workshop. We invite you to join us in a series of fluxus inspired activities, interventions and random play. This workshop will be a re-interpretation of key performances from the 1960's art group by artists such as Yoko Ono and George Brecht. You can find information about the work of Fluxus at:

Mon 2nd June. 11am start. Film re-enactment. Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror, the German expressionist film by F.W. Murnau is the focus of a film re-enactment project by a group of artists from Manchester including members of Islington Mill Art Academy. We will meet at Westgermany at 11am to watch excerpts and discuss sections from the film. Following this, we will venture out into the city with film cameras to re-enact and film sections from the movie. We invite you to join us in this activity. The project is an ongoing self-directed activity by the artists involved. In this sense, it has no fixed outcome, instead allowing each development of the project to suggest the next stage. The recordings and decisions taken in Berlin will contribute to a collection of film recordings and documentation from the entire group. It is hoped that collaborators from Berlin will continue working with us on this project in the future and/or choose to develop sister projects from Berlin.

Mon 2nd June. 7pm - 8.30pm. Reading Group at Westgermany. The Salford Restoration Office reading group is a weekly discussion group reading cultural theory and philosophy at Salford Restoration Office, Salford, Manchester every Monday evening, meeting at 6pm. We have organised a simultaneous reading group to take place in Berlin at Westgermany. We will read and discuss the same text that is being read in Manchester. The text for discussion this week will be the introduction to In a Queer Time and Place by Judith Halberstam. We will send an email link to this text prior to the day and will also have a few spare copies to hand on the evening.

Tue 3rd June. 12 midday. Artist Talk: Nick Crowe is an artist based in Manchester and Berlin. His work encompasses a range of strategies which explore the role of technology and its contingent effects on everyday life. He has a specific interest in the use of glass as a contemporary material and has worked extensively with digital media making works for gallery and internet presentation. More information is available at

Tue 3rd June. 8pm. Poetry Reading at Westgermany. Michael Wilson and Andrew Beswick from Islington Mill Art Academy will be reading from selections of their own work and other writing that has inspired them. Prior to this, Andrew will be collecting poetry from Berliners in various locations of the city throughout the day. The reading will be informal and open to people who would like to read from their own writing so please feel free to bring along your own work!

Wed 4th June. 4.30pm. Walking Tour of Skulpturen Park, Kommandantenstrasse / Neue Grunstrasse, lead by Hannah zinecker. Meeting point to be announced by email in advance.

Fri 6th June. 9pm onwards. All the Critics Love U in New York. Artist, Yuen Fong Ling invites you to take part in a public life class with members of the Islington Mill Art Academy. A mix of performance, workshop and tutorial, the format is twisted to explore the popular mythology of the life model. All levels of drawing skill are invited, please bring materials with you, some will be provided.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Free Art School-Berlin. 27th May - 8th June

Islington Mill Art Academy will be setting up a temporary free art school in Berlin later this month from 27th May till 8th June 2008. We will be working from an art and music space in Kreuzberg called Westgermany (133 Skalitzer Str.) We are inviting Berliners to join us in a number of activities that we will be organising during our residency there. If you would like to get involved, please email us.

A number of groups and individuals from Manchester (including the Academy) have taken on a year long lease on a flat in Kreuzberg, Berlin so we hope to be spending quite a bit of time in the city over the coming year. We see this as an opportunity to make some strong links between Manchester and Berlin and to create dialogue between artists working in both cities.