Monday, 9 May 2016

Some thoughts about an Open Crit

Our Open Crits are a great way to get feedback on a piece of work - attended by members of the Art Academy, artists from the Mill and visiting artists. Lorna and Steve reflect on how the crit helped them. 

"I presented some drawings at the group crit, mostly sketch book ideas and plans for the beginning of a new project. I haven't had a crit for a while and felt a little worried about not having my work more organised.  But I felt that it was probably the best time for me to discuss my ideas while they are still in the early stages of development.  I left the crit with plenty to think about, good points were made and I found the group discussion very helpful." Lorna Mollart

"This was the first time I've shown my recent video work 'SLOW DOWN. CHEW YOUR FOOD' publicly (other than online), so it was great to see an actual audience reaction and get to talk about it in that scenario. 
Film is a new medium for me so the discussion really helped to contextualise the work in terms of my wider practice. The crit also brought out some old ideas, particularly around the element of performance in my work which is something I am interested in exploring more in future." Steve Hockett