Saturday, 8 December 2007

Scientific Exposition by Dr. Adil Mughal

Morry invited Dr. Adil Mughal to give a talk/presentation on the physics of soap bubbles at the Olafur Arnalds gig on Saturday night. Adil presented a lecture entitled, ‘Soap films, surface tension and computation’. He demonstrated how soap film can be used as a type of analogue computer to solve complex problems. The talk referenced the work of Escher as well as many other artists and physicists. This was Adils first experience of presenting work to a non-academic audience. The presentation was followed by a set from Olafur Arnalds who is from Iceland. Liondialer from Manchester also played.

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Free gig to raise money for the Art Academy and Medicins Sans Frontieres

Music was provided by John Peel favourites, the legendary Nightingales and the one and only Hotpants Romance.

Friday saw the Night School project in the club space at Islington Mill really kick off with the first of many art works happening live on the night. Andrew ran a stall selling written words. Morry projected the song title and artist name of the song being played by the live DJ or band as it happened, and invited people to join in with this. Craig designed a poster. Laura made donations boxes and flyers on found leaves.

Thanks to everyone who came and made the night a great success.. we made a lot of money for charity!