Thursday, 18 February 2010

Art Academy Talk at Black Lab, Leeds

This week, we were invited by the Leeds based artist collective, Black Dogs to give a talk about the art academy at the opening event for their new space, Black Lab. Until now, Black Dogs have been a roaming bunch, working from each others homes and in other temporary spaces. The Black Lab marks a decision to take on a more permanent space for the group and so our talk was followed with a discussion on what it could best be used for.

Here is something written by Andy Abbot that I've cut from the Black Lab blog about the event:

“Seemingly slicing into the nuts and guts of something perhaps very often overlooked in art education, the academy investigated the question what does it mean to be an artist? Sharing resources and discussion the self-directed students of Islington Mill invited artist’s to come to their school to talk about, reflect on and expose their methods. Open to anyone wishing to enrol the academy dissolved the usual hierarchy of information, resources and experience with the attitude and commitment to the idea that there should always be a mutually beneficial exchange with the people they worked with. “