Sunday, 28 February 2010

7th Open Critique with Jason Minsky

On Monday, we invited artist, Jason Minsky to join us for our open critique. The critique is a monthly opportunity for artists from the academy to present recent work, including everything from sketchy outline ideas to more developed works. We try to experiment with the structure of the critiques ie. location, duration etc. This time we set ourselves up in Islington Mills new cafe space and had a delicious lunch to break up the day with.

We were joined by Jason Minsky who gave a great talk about the many, many works he has made and projects he has been involved with since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 1999. Here's what Lisa Beauchamp says about him:

"His work carries with it a sense of realness and familiarity, through the types of topics it addresses, the commentary it makes and the ways in which this is communicated. Minsky sees sport as an effective and available means of communication and a language that most people can easily relate to and understand. In much of his work he appropriates sport as a common vocabulary, using and messing it up for his own means. Minsky uses things like sport and humour to set up and create dialogues in his work and there is always a refreshing, open-ended and limitless quality to all of his pieces. His work attempts to create debate and poses critical questions on different levels."