January 2017

At our first meeting of the year we set our dates, had a natter about the future and had a short critque for Sara who presented some of the motion graphics she is creating for a commission for a philosophy project.

On the 14th January a few of us went to HOME, where Maurice Carlin, one of our founder members was presenting the first prints he has made as part of his Temporary Custodians Project and the raise the Roof fund raising for the Mill. It was a great event.

EXHIBITION // Michael Holland: Total Rubbish 

Over Christmas Art academy members Claire, Lisa and Andrew moved into a studio at the Mill. On 17th Januray, Morry, who is currently the first-ever Clore Visual Artist Fellow brought a group of his Clore Fellows to meet the Art Academy in the studio. Claire, Rika and Lisa were joined by Niki, and we had an interesting discussion about the academy and our own practice.

In the same week, Michael Holland had his exhibition Total Rubbish  in the gallery at the Mill

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