Active Curating - Monday 17th to Friday 23rd March 2014

This year we have been exploring some new experimental activities. Active Curating was suggested by Lauren at a recent meeting as a method of curating, to not only explore how artworks might co-habit a space, but also to explore our negotiation and shared use of that space as a group. For this first activity, we installed a show of our works in the gallery space at Islington mill and then over the course of 1 week, we 're-curated' the works, sometimes meeting as a group to do this, sometimes individually. We kept a logbook for each of us to track the changes we had made to the show, and as a space to record other thoughts and comments. Following on from this first week long activity, Rachel suggested an evening version of Active Curating where we introduce some gaming elements and rules about how, when and where to move the works. If you're interested in the sound of this, get in touch and we'll send you the details.

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