Thursday, 3 January 2013

Art Academy Open Crit 14.12.12

At our final Open Crit of the year we were joined by Rachel Goodyear; an artist and studio holder at Islington Mill, Paulette Terry Brian; director of International 3, Lorna Mollart; an artist who works in Hebden Bridge, and Jen Wu; an Artist and Curator based in Manchester.

Rachel Goodyear presented experiments into new ways of displaying small drawings. 

In the photograph below Rachel talks about a piece which she has installed for the first time here; a spindly, many-limbed branch protruding from the wall, with several small drawings skewered at particular, meaningful points.

We discussed what was unexpected about the piece as a physical object, as opposed to existing in the Artists' plans and imagination. The coincidental circumstance of light emanating from several points in the room created a 'shadow drawing', mirroring the three dimensional form of the branch in flat grey on the wall.

Maurice Carlin presented further developments of his practice involving hung paper and plaster casting with fabric moulds.

The sculpture in the forefront of the photograph below produced visceral reactions; a mysteriously textured and surprisingly fuzzy object, restrained on it's board with tape and string. Our reactions to this piece; confusion, disgust, laughter, and storytelling, engendered discussions around ways of looking, particularly how to look without trying too hard to understand and archive.

Lisa Risbec presented her research into the stubborn growth of wild flowers and plants in urban environments.  

A collection of research consisting of pressed specimines and photographs, documented the wild plants which flourish on inner city wastelands. Lisa's discussion of her practice inspired an exchange of research methods, with agreement on the importance of physically 'trying things out', if only to avoid drowning in un-tested ideas.
Jen Wu also took us on an unexpected field trip to talk about a piece of public art work that she is planning, involving the preservation of a particular wall on Chapel Street against imminent demolition and regeneration.