Art School Alternatives - Liverpool JMU

We are taking part in the 'Art School Alternative's' symposium at Liverpool John Moores University on 7th Oct. It aims to bring together 'a range of practitioners whose work looks to the communal, collaborative and participatory'. The event is being organised by Corridor 8 magazine.

Initially, we proposed to run a live publishing event as our contribution to the symposium, using a couple of office photocopiers. The response from JMU was that the photocopiers would contravene health and safety; there wouldn't be adequate ventilation in the conference room!

Perhaps this illustrates a problem with educational institutions in this country better than anything that will be said on Oct 7th.

So, we don't know what we will do yet but we have invited an artist we have worked with in the past called Terry Smith to join us in doing something together there.

The symposium is free but you have to register to attend. You can do that here:

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