Sunday, 1 August 2010

Art Academy's Top floor Cinema

Every Friday evening at Islington Mill during August

Gates open at 6pm with food and drinks available. Film screenings begin at 9.30pm

Fri Aug 6th: Alex Pearl presents ‘Tour de France’ by Lelouche.

UK artist Alex Pearl makes things and then videos them before they fall apart. His work deals with chance and the things in life he doesn't do very well.

Fri Aug 13th:Juhana Moisander, Islington Mill resident artist presents... (tbc)

"In Juhana Moisander’s installations, videos and photographs, a dim space is constructed in which history, memory and fantasy meet."

Fri Aug 20th
: Royston Futter from Working Class Movement Library presents a short film about the library founders, Ruth and Eddie Frow.

The Working Class Movement Library records over 200 years of organising and campaigning by ordinary men and women. The collection provides a rich insight into working people's daily lives as well as their thoughts, hopes, fears and the roles they played in the significant events of their time.

Fri Aug 27th
: 7inch Cinema

7 Inch Cinema are illustrious mobile film exhibitors and producers of the Flatpack Festival in Birmingham. Before the summer disappears altogether they are going camping, but en route they are making a pit-stop at Islington Mill to present an evening of short films, archive oddities and music devoted to high days and holidays. Boarding passes at the ready! Knotted handkerchiefs and deckchairs are optional.