Visiting Artists: Pippa Koszerek & Caner Aslan

This week, IMAA has the pleasure of hosting artists, Caner Aslan and Pippa Koszerek who are here at Islington Mill for short residencies.

Caner has travelled all the way from Istanbul and is here at the mill for 10 days. We first saw Caners work in last years Berlin Biennale when we were in the city organising the Free Art School at Westgermany. Caner has recently taken part in 'Straw Poll', a poster exhibition in the windows of shops and other premises along Chapel St. in Salford, coinciding with the 'Sounds from the Other City' festival.

Pippa is here for the first of three visits to Islington Mill, which are to take place over the next two months. Her work involves the creation of organisations as artworks/curatorial projects such as the Independent Art School (1999-) and The Unasked-for-Public Art Agency (2006-).

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