Thursday, 5 March 2009

Instructions for a Drawing Class

IMAA have begun the first of a six week long remote postal project with artist Chloe Briggs. We have enlisted 4 groups to take part in the project. The other groups are based in Marseille, Glasgow and Berlin. Communication between the groups will be restricted to the postal service only for the duration of the project. Here are some excerpts from Chloe's introduction to the project: "The 'Instructions for a Drawing Class' are being offered as an experimental form of art school syllabus that I will send by post once a week. I am interested in the potential for a written set of 'instructions' to activate a meaningful class/educational experience directed from a distance and without a teacher present. The 'classes' that I have designed evolved out of my interest in how to engage students in a creative process that involved risk-taking rather than a limited focus on the assessed end product required by the institution; work that interests me most is often deemed a failure by students."