Writing Residency by Anni Rossi & Rollin Hunt

Anni Rossi and Rollin Hunt from Chicago joined the Art Academy for the first month of 2008 to undertake a writing residency here at Islington Mill. This was their first time to record music together. They recorded four songs during their time here, New Years, The Husband, Pamphlet and The Bum. You can listen to them here:
Rollin and Anni also played a number of gigs while they were here, The Islington Mill Xmas Party on 22nd Dec, The Britons Protection Monthly on 6th Jan and The Klondyke Club on 18th Jan. They also worked on a project with Morry called The Writing Room. Following conversations with Anni and Rollin about their writing process, Morry set up a space at the mill with objects, books, chairs, tables, biscuits, drawing and writing tools. Rollin and Anni spent a period of time talking, relaxing, working and writing in the room. The result of the collaboration is ongoing.


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